BW-950Z BW-950T BW-950Z5 Glue binding machine



  • 950 Series(Encoladora)
     BW-950Z  BW-950T  BW-950Z5
    Ø        Intelligent LCD display, simple operating panel
    Ø        One glue roller even glue applying
    Ø        Paper scrap collection bag
    Ø        Convenient work table also be used as machine cover after work
    Ø        Easy scoring online (950Z5)
    Ø        Vertical cover clamping
    Ø        Milling cutter with changeable notching knife
    Ø        Adjustable height of cover clamping station( Only for 950Z,950Z5)
     950 Series Glue Binder
    BW-950Z BW-950Z5 BW-950T(have stop)
    Max. Length 330mm (A4) 330mm (A4) 380mm (B4)
    Max. Thickness 58mm 58mm 45mm
    Binding Speed 250-300 books/H 250-300 books/H 250-300 books/H
    Warming Up Time About 30min About 30min About 30min
    Milling System Solar milling cutter+Small milling cutter Solar milling cutter+Small milling cutter Solar milling cutter+Small milling cutter
    Clamp Cover Automatic Automatic Automatic
    Clamp Book Automatic Automatic Manual
    Mill Folding Pages 3 fold pages 3 fold pages 3 fold pages
    Display LCD LCD LCD
    Constant Voltage Function
    Open Flat
    Power Source 220V(110V)±10%50HZ(60HZ) 2300W 220V(110V)±10%50HZ(60HZ) 2300W 220V(110V)±10%50HZ(60HZ) 2300W
    Creasing Unit × ×
    G.W. 160kgs 185kgs 175kgs
    Shipping Dimension 1370x620x1030mm 1370x620x1030mm
    550x470x800mm(Creasing Unit)

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