50A Glue binding machine




50A Glue binding machine


1. The automatic design structure and it has the function of the electric eyes to detect;

2. Touch the key then you can finish all the flow conveniently and quickly.

3. Microcomputer producer controllingChinese and English can be converted with liquid crystal display

4. Self-checking function,it is easy to repair by fault indication.

5. It makes perfect books by changing the screw under the platform.

6. It have two knives to keep the books more firmly.


 Type 50A
 Max.binding length 380mm
 Max.binding thickness 48-50mm
 Binding speed 250books/h
 Milling cutter Sunknife+small milling cutter
 Duration for glue melt 〈30min
 NW. 122kgs
 GW. 145kgs
 Packing size 1290*580*950mm
  Electric  220V/50HZ/1300W


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